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Conservative party does not want Guelph represented

Guelph's Con candidate, Gloria Kovach, says that Guelph has been abandoned by the Liberals. I must remind her that it is in fact her party that has abandoned Guelph by refusing to call a by-election to replace our recently retired long-serving MP. It is her party that is in charge of fixing Guelph's current lack of an MP. If she believes her own rhetoric, she should be telling her leader to call our by-election. Clearly, Kovach would much rather simply leave Guelph unrepresented than resolve the problem. Or maybe it is because she knows that the party cannot throw out the victor and put her in as the MP after she loses Guelph -- for the second time in as many years.

Posted at 09:11 on April 21, 2008

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Cons can't con Canada | guelph politics | Tory spokesman: In-and-out is like AdScam, a scheme to keep money off the books

BP writes at Mon Apr 21 11:48:44 EDT 2008...

But you forgot about the lovely picture!!!



BP writes at Mon Apr 21 11:53:39 EDT 2008...

Sorry, here's the link...

And the pic...

David Graham (cdlu.net) writes at Mon Apr 21 12:00:22 EDT 2008...


I rest my case. The tories would much rather be hollow partisan hacks than actually get us an MP -- and I didn't forget the photochop image, it is in the links included in the post.

hmmm writes at Mon Apr 21 12:45:37 EDT 2008...

Pretty sure it was only recently that Chamberlain actually left the House.

My other question, what justifies just picking up and going for no real reason?

Sure Godfrey got offered a plum postion at a private school in Toronto. But I don't understand why Brenda just decided to call it quits.

That must be frustrating to some Guelph residents i imagine.

Alan K (alanscanofcontemplation.blogspot.com) writes at Mon Apr 21 14:33:08 EDT 2008...

I believe Ms. Chamberlain has been suffering from some unknown form of cancer for a while now, so that might be the reason why she's leaving.

And she had been in the House since 1993. Paul Martin's gone, so she's not likely to get into cabinet especially since Liberals aren't the government. What's the point in staying. It's time for Guelph to turn over a new leaf.

shoes writes at Sun Apr 27 11:23:22 EDT 2008...

Great post cdlu.

I find it ironic that we have some (including the Merc) wetting themselves over the vacant MP position. These same critics are not at all reticent about denigrating politicians in general and Brenda C is particular then whine over the vacancy.

Look, the MP's constituency office can look after 90% of the issues and the rest can be dealt with from Kitchener.

What would be truly wasteful is a quickie by-election followed by a general election.

Let Gloria have her 15 minutes recornizing that her "abandoned" comment is as vacuous as her political future.

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