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Tory spokesman: In-and-out is like AdScam, a scheme to keep money off the books

The spokesman is no less than Peter Van Loan... take a look at this interview with the CBC's David Gray this afternoon, a bit over 5 minutes into it.

Here's a transcription of the relevant section done by yours truly:

04:38 David Gray: ... do you think there is any political motive behind what elections Canada is doing?
04:46 Peter Van Loan: Well, I would hope that it would stand up in court, that we would be held to the same standard as other political parties and all political parties in Canada should be treated equally and that is the core of our court case and we think it would be very alarming if there was a different set of rules for each political party so that's why we brought the dispute to the courts.
05:04 Gray: Again though, can I ask you, do you think there is any political motive behind what Elections Canada is doing?
05:08 Van Loan: Well, I don't, I'm not going to ascribe motive to them. I do find the unequal treatment unusual and I do observe that when the Liberals engaged in that sponsorship scandal where millions of dollars of taxpayer's money was stolen where it was spent for political purposes to help them campaigning where people have actually been prosecuted. The RCMP has been involved, we saw another arrest last week, (interrupted) they actually gave back some money...
05:29 Gray: Alright, but that's (interrupted) that's (interrupted) that's a different issue but I appreciate what you're saying...
05:33 Van Loan: But it is the same issue in that money was spent off the books in election campaigns. ...

Well then.

Posted at 19:28 on April 21, 2008

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Conservative party does not want Guelph represented | politics | The Democratic Primaries and Us

M writes at Mon Apr 21 23:02:55 EDT 2008...

Nice catch David.

I hope others pick up on this huge unintentional admission.

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