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Cons can't con Canada

The Conservative Party of Canada has gathered more scandal in two years of minority government than pretty much any multi-term majority government before it. Not since the last time this party governed has a government brought so much shame to our country. Now they are trying hard to avoid the damage that will be inflicted today with the release of the search warrant used by the RCMP and the Elections Commissioner to examine the party's head office, but all the spin in the world can't hide the facts. The Cons cannot con Canadians.

The RCMP does not execute search warrants in civil cases. This very suggestion by the CPC is ludicrous. Any substantive violation of election law is very serious, yet the CPC's attitude is that there should be no such laws and are suing to this effect, and that therefore they couldn't possibly have broken them.

Their approach to selectively inviting journalists to a briefing on the soon-to-be-released search warrant is as transparent as it is stupid, exempting journalists from embargo while attempting to pander to members of the media they see as sympathetic to them. It can be summed up well in this CBC newsclip:


The one thing the CPC has not figured out is that Canadian voters are generally intelligent objective people who see them for the deceivers they are.

With all due respect, Mr. Harper, enjoy your single term.

Posted at 08:50 on April 21, 2008

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