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Wingnuts 'R' Us

Apparently articulated autoracks -- 150'-long freight cars that carry new automobiles on three sets of wheels instead of two -- are the cattle cars of Nazi America. Just take a look at this Craigslist post!

These cars, called Auto-Max by their manufacturer, are a relatively new breed of freight car designed to hold more new automobiles more efficiently than the older more familiar usually yellow two and three-level autoracks. They are used by Honda in Alliston, Ontario among other places and are no more sinister than the cars that ride in them.

While the US may well be on a road away from democracy, Auto-Max cars are hardly the nature of the threat.

Posted at 11:27 on January 23, 2008

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Guelph's former LaFarge property an opportunity not to be wasted | musings | Guelph official plan city council presentation

cvacr writes at Wed Jan 23 18:00:04 EST 2008...



Note the photo near the bottom of the inside of a "shackle car" that "investigators" discovered on a remote track somewhere. Looks a lot like the inside of a standard autorack with vehicle chain tie downs to me...

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