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January 12th, 2006 (from Advogato)

And again, it's been a while.

I don't have any better place to put this, so I'll put it here.

This is the results I predict in the January 23rd, 2006 Canadian election:

  1. . Neocon (tory): 180 seats
  2. . Seperatists (bloc): 60 seats
  3. . Incompetent fools (grits): 50 seats
  4. . The fools that gave us this election (ndp): 18 seats

Why? The "Liberals" got rid of the Liberal party (you remember them... Warren Kinsella, Sheila Copps, Jean Chrtien -- they brought us a stable, centrist government for a decade, and had strategists who knew how to, um... strategise?) and then ran the most incompetent campaign in Canadian history, at least since Martin's role model Turner went from majority to deep opposition. (And yes, that would put the Bloc back as the official opposition. Remember 1993?)

Martinites: Shaken, not stirred.

Their attack ads lately are so low and so bad that I wonder why they didn't simply put out a press release saying "We're desperate". Perhaps it could have gone in the For Singles Only section of the paper: "desperate party looking for love from anyone who will give it."

That all said, I can't figure out what it is about our country that would cause us to give ourselves the pain and torture of a reform-party majority. Are we that forgetful? Does noone remember Avro? "Free Trade?" (You know, that stuff that lets American companies sue Canada over banning dangerous substances in our motor fuel and causes the Americans to quickly cede to Canada after a dozen rulings against them over softwood lumber?) The Common Sense revolution? Do you know that Spain threatened trade sanctions against Canada if Ontario refused to let the Spanish-owned Highway 407 Commission raise its tolls? Is that the Canada we want?

Give me a tory minority with a weakened bloc (so that they can't hold the balance of power) and we'll be all set for years yet -- we'll get rid of Martin, Harper won't be able to persue his neo-con agenda, and MPs will actually have to work together to get anything done.

Posted at 17:39 on January 12, 2006

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