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Vandals threaten the lives of more Liberal supporters

Six weeks after vandals tried to kill Liberals in Guelph, they've done it in exactly the same way to Liberals in Toronto. Anyone still think it's random violence?

To add to the "coincidence," the Guelph attack took place exactly eleven days before by-election voting day, and the Toronto attack took place exactly eleven days before the general election voting day. h/t Scott.

Posted at 10:14 on October 05, 2008

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Gone Fishing writes at Sun Oct 5 13:35:51 EDT 2008...

Yeah sure vandals get out a calendar and try to time the days before an election.

There is no excuse for this sort of activity whoever is doign it but there is also no excuse making an election issue out of something that isn't.

If this conspiracy is so organized, why are all the 300 other liberal campaigns in the country not affected?

Joseph writes at Sun Oct 5 13:43:03 EDT 2008...

Only the Conservative party has been broadcasting hate ads. What do they expect?

Carrie writes at Sun Oct 5 14:22:18 EDT 2008...

These attacks are centered in places which the Conservatives dearly want and need. Guelph, Toronto, Willowdale. And who says it hasn't happened elsewhere? It would have been carried by local media but not national perhaps.

The only party engaged in hate and divisiveness, the only party desperate to wipe out the history of Canada (founded and built by Liberals) is the Conservative party under Harper.

Now, considering Layton and the NDP are moving in lockstep with Harper, it could be NDP as well.

Either party fits - Conservatives or NDP.

300baud writes at Sun Oct 5 15:44:35 EDT 2008...

Don't we have absurd new anti-terrorism powers that could be called into play against people attempting murder to influence an election? Why are we calling this "vandalism?"

Jack writes at Sun Oct 5 20:47:22 EDT 2008...

Why would Conservatives attempt such a well organized and carefully executed campaign to cast suspicion on themselves? What could Conservatives gain by doing such a despicable thing?

Logic would dictate that the Liberal party have inflicted these attacks on themselves for fearmongering and political gain. To execute such an activity and risk being caught is beyond credibility. The police in Guelph and Toronto must be thinking 'Occam's Razor' rationale .. the Liberals did it to themselves with the hope of being able to attack their opponents.

Interestingly, Liberal candidate in St.Paul riding in which these recent 'attacks' took place was interviewed on CTV in this video:


It's interesting to note that Bennett's eyelids are blinking at an extraordinarily high rate, suggesting that she is either under great stress, or even lying? She is blinking once per second while the normal rate is once every 5 seconds. Very very suspicious, and I hope the Toronto police take note.

Joseph writes at Sun Oct 5 22:22:37 EDT 2008...


I am not suggesting that the Conservative Party would be so stupid as to do this. What I am saying is that, by resorting to hate ads, they have lowered the bar of reasonable discourse to the point where misguided people are responding to the hatred their ads generate and these misguided people do so through expressions of irrational vandalism.

300baud, I call it vandalism because I feel that our society has wrongly responded to very disturbed people at different times by declaring war on them. We must respond more maturely. They are not worthy of being classified as enemies -- they are just misguided people who should be identified and brought under control. If that means a prison sentence, then so be it.

I am not a card-carrying liberal but I believe that Stephane Dion has been trying to raise the bar of reasonable discourse. Between elections we beg and scream for leaders with ideas and high moral values, but it seems that once the campaign starts, we all panic, stop listening, and fall for poses and platitudes.

heels writes at Sun Oct 5 23:06:32 EDT 2008...


This abomination can only be the work of GUTS

GUTS and Tommie the Commie

Think about it. (Jack is right on)

The perp is a Guelphite and his mom lives in St Paul's.

Ok. It's Tommie the Commie but who are his helpers.

Well I could leave you to speculate which party is most advantaged. But I will help you here.

Gloria K is stupid enough

Tom is naive enough (see his Dead Dog persona)

Green is vile enough.

Just look at the "sign wars" in the Guelph campaign.

Jack writes at Mon Oct 6 01:05:50 EDT 2008...

Re: Joseph writes at Sun Oct 5 22:22:37 EDT 2008...

Wake up, Joseph and get real. Just look at the picture of the "McGuinty" graffiti on the house wall and how neatly it was brushed on, not sprayed on, brushed on. Why would vandals going to 25 houses in one night carry a can of paint and a paint brush to neatly brush on "McGuinty" .. and then cut the car brake lines creating a gushing mess???

Here is the URL showing the "McGuinty" graffiti, and look closely at the neat writing, not printing, writing that must have taken quite a while to do .. so neatly .. and then slashing the brake lines and making a mess on the driveway ... some vandal.


Btw, there was a video showing the homeowner easily scrubbing off the graffiti and washing it down with a hose ... must have used a water-based paint because if it was spray painted on they would need a high pressure blaster to remove the stuff.

And why didn't they just conveniently slash the tires ... instead they just cut a cheap rubber brake line ...???!!!

karol writes at Tue Oct 7 16:54:46 EDT 2008...


Check this link


Federal elections - final stretch - massive manipulation.

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