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45 days down, 37 to go

Well, as everyone who doesn't live under a rock by now knows, Harper has seen fit to cancel four byelections whose results he was afraid of in violation of his own fixed election date law. Here in Guelph, that means we're 45 days down, 37 to go. Tomorrow was meant to be election day. How symbolic for Mr. Harper to take a fleet of SUVs across the street to Rideau Hall to run over us all.

Posted at 20:24 on September 07, 2008

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Vandals threaten the lives of Liberal supporters in Guelph | elections guelph politics | Bloc, NDP, Conservatives against democratic debate

BCer in Toronto (bcinto.blogspot.com) writes at Sun Sep 7 22:45:02 EDT 2008...

You've got him running scared, brother david. Keep fighting the good fight!

East of Eden writes at Mon Sep 8 04:24:41 EDT 2008...

David - I think you may have the wrong end of the stick. The PM is no different than any other leader in that he has his security detail. Before casting aspersions on the guy, why not check first. Is he permitted to walk to Rideau Hall on official business? I don't think so. It's called security, David. He is not permitted to go anywhere without his security detail. The vehicles are bullet proof. If you checked a little deeper, you would find out all of the measures which are put in place prior to his going anywhere - the PM does not have the luxury of spontaneous wanderings or walks.

David Graham (cdlu.net) writes at Mon Sep 8 08:45:47 EDT 2008...

East of Eden,

You are the most condescending know-it-all ever to grace this blog. It is not a security issue. Secret service personnel can walk across the street with him. Previous Prime Ministers walked across the street to call elections. The only reason he didn't is his own hubris.

Harry S writes at Mon Sep 8 16:15:47 EDT 2008...

David Graham,

You have a valid pov, but why would you dredge up such an insignificant event? Harper decided to pull the plug on the fractious Opposition all threatening to defeat the government in the upcoming session.

Harper's decision spared Guelph voters from being thrown into another election in say November. Don't you think Harper should be given credit for sparing Guelph voters from two elections only weeks apart?

Btw ... have they found the vandals who damaged and defaced all those Liberal homes and cars? Has the police investigation exonerated the Liberal "persons of interest" yet???

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