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Vandals threaten the lives of Liberal supporters in Guelph

The escalation in Guelph is dramatic. Last night, over night, someone, or some group, went to all parts of the city vandalising homes with Liberal party by-election signs out front. Houses were spraypainted with slogans on the brickwork, garage, doors, and windows. But worse, much worse, is the fact that these cowards keyed the cars in the driveways with 'L' and cut the brake lines in the cars in the driveways. At least six cars are known to have had their brake lines cut. This is wreckless endangerment. Disabling the brakes on cars is a direct threat to life and limb and is way beyond the realm of acceptibility.

graffiti1 brakeline1

This is completely beyond the pale. The night of my post last week about my lawn sign walking off in front of my nose, my own car was tagged with whipped cream. The intimidation level in Guelph is getting to an incomprehensible point.

Tagging homes and cars with an 'L' is clearly an attempt to label people in a deragatory way, reminiscent of many an oppressive rgime.


Posted at 20:33 on August 29, 2008

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Community service like no other | elections guelph politics | 45 days down, 37 to go

Tom Robinson (fdsad) writes at Fri Aug 29 22:48:44 EDT 2008...

I wish someone would blow up the Liberal office, those fucking criminals.

Liberal are biggest theives, degenerates and scumbags in the world.

Fuck the Liberals, those dirty, fucking commies.

Scott Tribe (scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com) writes at Fri Aug 29 23:03:02 EDT 2008...

Ah.. Mr Robinson, aka Johnathon.. I see you came out of the woodwork and crawled out of your hole. I not particularly surprised you would condone this type of behaviour.

Greg (mrsinistergreg.blogspot.com) writes at Fri Aug 29 23:04:50 EDT 2008...

I hope they catch the people responsible.

Timothy Webster writes at Fri Aug 29 23:20:39 EDT 2008...

Unfortunately of forewarning of whats to come in the up coming election. Care needs to be taken to insure people who play dirty tricks don't get away with it.

kh writes at Fri Aug 29 23:28:20 EDT 2008...

Hopefully the homeowners will catch these cowards in the criminal act of "mischief, endangering life". I would love to see how these vermin would react when cornered.

Its pretty obvious too, that these "people" made a blatantly obvious attempt at making this look like NDP supporters. Its not too hard to figure out which party these brainless scum really support.

Dana (thegallopingbeaver.blogspot.com/) writes at Sat Aug 30 00:05:59 EDT 2008...

Every incidence of commentary such as the above from "Tom Robinson" (ie Johnathan) should be forwarded to both the local police, local crown council office and the RCMP. Do not delete them - just forward the comment and the link. IP information can be gleaned from the ISP and follow up can be done. Any blog receiving such should forward them as well. This individual is clearly unbalnced and could well prove to be a danger to others.

Scott in Montreal (randboro.blogspot.com) writes at Sat Aug 30 00:48:58 EDT 2008...

It's not exactly KKK tactics, but it's still too close for comfort. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

James writes at Sat Aug 30 01:12:54 EDT 2008...

Forward the first comment to the authorities. Seriously. It's way beyond the pale. There is no respectful debate happening here, just the spreading of hate.

Paul in Victoria (www.amfresh.ca) writes at Sat Aug 30 02:54:27 EDT 2008...

Doesn't look like the NDP, looks more like a Con job to me. It seems the Liberals have put a scare into the one of the parties that has resulted in such action against them. It doesn't matter what government supporters have done this What are they really afraid of? The country finding out what dirty laundry of their own is going to come out in the wash. Defacing someone's property is not acceptable and they should be prosecuted. Cutting someone's break lines is attempted murder. Is this what our country is becoming ? A place where people get vandalized and possibly killed for their political choices.

Sounds more like Zimbabwe to me.

penlan (politics-forthepeople.blogspot.com/) writes at Sat Aug 30 06:34:51 EDT 2008...

What despicable acts & extremely dangerous with the brake lines being cut. This is a matter for the police that should be fully investigated as once a general election is called this could possibly become a lot, lot worse!

BBS (www.bluebloggingsoapbox.com) writes at Sat Aug 30 07:33:39 EDT 2008...

It was really sad to learn in today's Mercury that one of the people vandalized was former MP Frank Maine. I remember meeting him several times when I was in school and I always had a great deal of respect for him. These incidents have progressed way beyond typical vandalism into the realm of criminal acts. The brake line cuts are particularly disturbing. The C-68 references are really puzzling. Regardless, let's hope that the offenders are caught and appropriately charged.

Leasa writes at Sat Aug 30 08:08:17 EDT 2008...

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe this crime is not connected to politics and it is in fact misguided youth using the election to enhance their activities? There is a problem in Guelph and other cities and small towns with vandalism, kids 12 and up are doing an enormous amount of damage. It could be part of their 'trick' to make the adults start fighting over which party is responsible.

I cannot fathom adults involved in politics taking the chance at getting caught doing such things.

I'd day it's kids...so don't take the bait, it will only encourage them more. Many people across Ontario are asking, 'where are the parents?'


Paul B (thewoodguy@sympayico.ca) writes at Sat Aug 30 08:53:24 EDT 2008...

Someone call the police on T Robinson.This is an obvious typical Con. tactic to intimidate. Look for more of this from Harpo and his gang of thugs. To Leasa, has it occurred to you that knowone buys your load of trolling conservative/reform crap. Harper is a leader of lemmings.

irene L writes at Sat Aug 30 09:24:14 EDT 2008...

This is an act that must be investigated ASAP. There is no excuse to be made for these people Leasa. Vandelism targeting specific homes (known Liberals) had to have been instigated by their parents who spoke of destroying the Liberals whether knowingly or not. Yes Leasa, I can fanthom a group of young people's children who's parents are CONS since all that comes out of their mouths are hate & anger. Btw, thought we'd heard the last of you.

Jason Cherniak (jasoncherniak.com) writes at Sat Aug 30 09:46:06 EDT 2008...

My guess would be that this has nothing to do with the NDP.

Steve V (farnwide.blogspot.com/) writes at Sat Aug 30 09:50:28 EDT 2008...

This isn't some random thing, done by 12 year olds or malicious teengagers. The simple fact that some of the graffit specifically references Parliamentary acts, namely C-68 is a clear indication of people that are politically engaged, people with an agenda.

Christian Conservative (www.christianconservative.ca) writes at Sat Aug 30 11:21:18 EDT 2008...

Disgusting... it's my sincere hope that these jokers are caught. The reckless endangerment of lives is a reprehensible act, and these individuals need to be caught and dealt with approprately.

However, to those who think that ANY political party would condone these types of acts are also misguided... if I discovered that any of my fellow EDA members were responsible, I would turn them in myself. I think the folks here who are suggesting that we would have anything to do with this should be ashamed of themselves.

Cris writes at Sat Aug 30 11:27:45 EDT 2008...

Leasa writes at Sat Aug 30 08:08:17 EDT 2008...

Oh my God...that is the dumbest comment you've ever made.

KIDS responsible??? LMAO!!!ROFL!!! I can't wait to tell my 19 y/o brother....Youth can't even name all the parties, let alone know that there's an election looming.

LOL I can't stop laughing...especially cause you cannot fathom that adults can do such a thing. Have you ever read a newspaper or watched the news?!? Adults do bad things every single day...hell, you don't even have to look beyond the Conservatives to see a long list of examples of bad things adults do...

Thanks for the laugh! Good for my health!

Harry S writes at Sat Aug 30 11:42:41 EDT 2008...

Looks like Guelph Liberals are so desperate they are self-defacing and self-destructing their own property to gain some notoriety and then attempt to pin it on others. I mean let's get real .. cutting brake lines would be the last thing anybody would do to defeat a failed Liberal party.

I tell you, this is just desperate Liberals going berserk .. so obvious.

Scott Tribe (scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com) writes at Sat Aug 30 12:12:54 EDT 2008...

Harry, I know you must be bitter and all that Garth kicked you off of his site to prevent you from trolling, but you're seriously deluded if you think the Liberals would do something like that.

MR writes at Sat Aug 30 12:23:30 EDT 2008...

The same type of thing happened during the by-election in North York last year. 3 guesses who is behind this intimidation!

Ben (none) writes at Sat Aug 30 12:35:53 EDT 2008...

Well lookie here, Harry S and Leasa, BOTH OF WHOM were kicked off of Garth Turners blog for disgraceful comments, turn up here spewing more.

Still smarting over the fact that Turner refused to allow you to turn his blog into the sewer that you both wallow in?

Good riddance to both of you. Frankly I was surprised that Garth tolerated your blatant lies for as long as he did.

You make good crap party members, the party of liars loves it's own kind.

Bocanut writes at Sat Aug 30 13:12:02 EDT 2008...


Have you ever read the moronic garbage that's spewed out on an hourly basis by Garth's Goombah's?

Despite a request for more decorum in the new & improved forum Garth after being alerted at least 6 times continues to delete the alerts and approve this type of garbage:

"***I'll just goddamned well bet, you snivelling, cowardly, bastard!

By PYOTR PETROBITCH on 08.28.08 10:37 am"

Garth's blog is and will continue to be a Liberal rat sewer spreading insults and threats until Garth decides to dump his lunatic fringe followers and become master of his own domain.

Otherwise, his blog is just another perfect example of Liberal hypocracy.

mushroom writes at Sat Aug 30 14:43:44 EDT 2008...

Vandalism of lawn signs in the Guelph campaign has been rampant, with all parties being targeted.

Kate writes at Sat Aug 30 14:44:45 EDT 2008...

It seems that Mr. Robinson has some anger issues.

His anger is similar to the anger that the vandals are showing in their destruction.

Maybe Rhino? writes at Sat Aug 30 16:04:45 EDT 2008...

Say there Leasa and Harry S

Glad to see you did not lose your jobs as CPC trolls when you were demoted to the farm team.

Same old, same old, eh?

Oh, and Harry, you in particular seem to be really losing it. Have a brew and calm down.

BlastFurnace (blastfurnacecanada.blogspot.com) writes at Sat Aug 30 16:14:43 EDT 2008...

Appalling. There is no other word to describe this. You'd expect this kind of thing in Zimbabwe, Pakistan or Russia. Not in Canada.

Vandalizing property is bad enough, but tampering brake lines? This is not mischief, it's attempted murder and should be prosecuted as such when the culprits are found.

harebell (harebell.wordpress.com/) writes at Sat Aug 30 18:24:26 EDT 2008...

How long before Ezra and the Blogging Tories start screaming that you are stopping these vandals freedom of expression?

Harry S writes at Sat Aug 30 18:55:04 EDT 2008...

Scott Tribe writes: "Harry, ..... you're seriously deluded if you think the Liberals would do something like that."

Liberals must feel they are losing the Guelph by-election so they are self-defacing themselves to rescue their failed campaign. That's obvious to any rational person in Guelph.

If the Conservatives were losing the by-election that would never attempt such a stupid act of vandalism ... and since they are winning they are keeping it quiet for obvious reasons.

Simple logic dictates desperate Liberals are shooting themselves in the foot and hoping Guelph voters will have pity on them ... so obvious...LOL

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 08:24:08 EDT 2008...

Well, Irene is trolling here. Gee, how nice to have your venom on a beautiful Sunday morning. Well, Irene, unless you are absolutely certain that vandalizing kids have Conservative parents, you should keep that opinion to yourself. And, unless you know each and every Conservative in the country, you can put a lid on the "hate & anger" that comes from us. I give to you as an example, your friends Pyotr Petrobitch and Men with Hats. Gee, Irene, if these two do not spew hate and venom...I think you can figure out the rest.

This is a free country and if Leasa wishes to comment on this blog, so be it. It is not up to you to make any sort of judgement. Now, go running back to Garth's blog and tell everybody that EoE is on this blog as well...spewing hate and anger.

Honestly, Irene, I have never witnessed such anger and hatred as I have from you and your friends on Garth's blog. Even though Garth requested some civility and decorum, it seems that his supporters don't respect him enough to follow his wishes.

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 08:29:45 EDT 2008...

Maybe Rhino? writes at Sat Aug 30 16:04:45 EDT 2008...

You know, Rhino, you always seemed to be pretty level-headed and rational on Garth's blog (one of the few). Why would you call somebody a troll when they're right out in the open. This is one of the many concepts from Garth's supporters that I just could never figure out. I'd think that a troll would be somewhat disguised and subtle. Neither Harry nor Leasa have ever portrayed themselves as anything but Conservative supporters.

And, Rhino, I'm surprised that you would even make the comment - on Garth's blog you always stuck to what you knew for sure. You, Garth, and Garth's supporters have absolutely no knowledge of who does or does not work for the CPC. Just for the record, I don't work for the CPC. I do support the party because I do not believe that the Liberals are any less bad than the Conservatives. However, if a Green candidate appears on the next ballot I complete, I'll go Green as a vote against the Conservatives and the Liberals.

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 09:26:47 EDT 2008...

Ben (none) writes at Sat Aug 30 12:35:53 EDT 2008...

Well lookie here, Harry S and Leasa, BOTH OF WHOM were kicked off of Garth Turners blog for disgraceful comments, turn up here spewing more.

You know, Ben, if you opened your eyes and engaged your brain before engaging your mouth via your keyboard, you may have noticed that Garth's fans spew more disgraceful comments than anybody else. I give you Sue, Irene, Men with Hats, Pyotr Petrobitch and, at times, WJP. I even give you the sanctimonious Bill-Muskoka and Barb who can't proofread. It is very telling that Garth "removed" Leasa and Harry but not his sewer-mouthed followers. Can you really tell us that you don't think MWH and Pyotr are not spewing disgraceful comments? If so, you really are blind, my young friend. I hope that your blind loyalty and narrow vision doesn't come back to bite you in the you-know-what.

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 09:39:14 EDT 2008...

You know, I just love the way Garth plays with facts. I cannot accuse him of lying outright but he sure knows how to toss things out and leave it to the reader to connect imaginary dots.

Income trusts: as far as I know, from speaking with many seniors and a couple of financial advisors with a huge financial company, very few seniors bought into income trusts because of the risk. And, anybody who did buy into income trusts did not lose their money as it would appear from Garth's followers' comments and, indeed, Garth. Their income was decreased due to taxes. Now, I will grant that Flaherty's reversal was reminiscent of Chretien's GST scrapping and I was pretty pissed off when he did it. Despite the hue and cry on Garth's blog about the issue, it turns out that Garth and his people are fighting for a rollback of the tax rate on the trusts - NOT the removal of taxes. So, bottom line, the Liberals will tax income trusts. Hmmm. Kind of hypocritical of the Libs, would you not agree?

Housing "crisis". Good grief. We are in the middle of a natural downturn - the market is cyclical. The inflationary housing pricing began during the Liberal reign of corruption and now, with a steady and good government, the prices are levelling out. In my corner of the world, Mattamy is building as quickly as can be and selling even before the holes are dug. Some crisis.

Job losses. These, implied on Garth's blog, are the fault of the current government. Um, the auto trade losses are specific to certain producers who received bailouts from the Ontario Liberal government and STILL CANNOT MAKE A GO OF IT. Why? Because they produce crap products that people are not buying. Garth refuses to acknowledge publicly on his blog that the Japanese car makers are doing just fine and, in fact, Toyota is expanding its work force. If the job losses in one corner are due to the government then the government should receive credit for job gains in the other corner.

Harper hates women, children, aboriginals, gays, non-whites, etc. Good grief. So, who was the first PM to apologize to aboriginals? Gee, Harper? Yup. Does he have a completely white and straight lineup? Uh, no. Does he hate women and children? Hmmm. Better tell Laureen, Ben and Rachel. The slave labour that just hit the Toronto Star - is this the government's fault? Sure it is. And it never, ever occured before the Conservatives took the reigns. Yeah, right. And one of Garth's followers made a crack about Finley and her sunglasses - what an ignoramus: Finley has a disorder which requires her to wear them. She could be classified as disabled so this creep on Garth's site just made a crack against somebody who could be classified as disabled.

I am so tired of what I see on Garth's blog from his followers. But, you know what? I notice that no other MP is supporting Garth and, for that matter, I don't see much of a presence from other Liberals around Dion and I sure don't see Iggy and Rae supporting Dion. The other thing that occurs to me is that it appears that most of Garth's blog supporters are not from Halton. Gives one pause, does it not? Why are the Halton peope not inputting to his blog?

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 09:50:36 EDT 2008...

Sorry for submitting so many comments, but I just noticed this on Garth's home page:

Garth Turner, Member of Parliament for Halton, Ontario

and Canada's Digital Democracy Leader

Canada's digital democracy leader? LOLOLOLOLOL. Wow, tooting one's own horn or what?

Well, I think I've just lost the privilege of posting comments on his blog.

Scott Tribe (scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com) writes at Sun Aug 31 10:32:53 EDT 2008...

EastOfEden: I'm not surprised. And nice attempt at trying to divert the comment thread here.

Harry S: It is beyond stupid that some like you would accuse the Liberals of going so far as to vandalize their own supporter's signs and property and even go so far as to cut their cars brakelines in order to get sympathy. Liberals don't engage in Karl Rove tactics.

Maybe Rhino? (none) writes at Sun Aug 31 13:14:01 EDT 2008...

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 08:29:45 EDT 2008...

etc. etc. etc


Your tone has certainly gotten nasty over here. What gives you the power to patronize - me and others? Bad hair day?

Your tone is very different here, and while I was about to counter others on the other blog who compared you to L, I must say, they might be right.

It is particularly telling that you slag Garth here, but are all sweetness and light on his blog. I call that two-faced. I have already referred to them both as trolls on Garth's blog, so they know how I feel.

The two whom I sent greetings to, were rightfully dumped from another blog due to caustic misrepresentations, taking on other's identities, and many other actions. Their actions seem repeated here. That was all I said.

How can you even start to defend HS rancid comments? And L, well same old same old. Lure with sweetness, strike with venom. It is almost like you, EOE, are annoyed that they have been identified and called out by other bloggers, and their cover is blown.

Sorry, but a sanctimonious self important person does not gain respect.

BTW, what about your comment about Irene trolling? That sounds a little like hypocrite to me.

And, so far, your comments here would probably not have you removed from Garth's blog. He does allow other opinions, but is trying to remove the foul language, and the copying of PP's remarks posted here by a proCON just underlines that need.

Glad to hear you seriously considering Green over CPC. That, at least, is encouraging. Or is that just deception?

To David Graham, my apologies for referring to someone else's blog in your domain. As you can tell, posting of your link over there brought some of us curious here. Should I return to post, I will try and keep with YOUR TOPIC.


Harry S writes at Sun Aug 31 13:28:20 EDT 2008...

Scott Tribe (scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com) writes at Sun Aug 31 10:32:53 EDT 2008...

Harry S: It is beyond stupid that some like you would accuse the Liberals of going so far as to vandalize their own supporter's signs and property and even go so far as to cut their cars brakelines in order to get sympathy. Liberals don't engage in Karl Rove tactics.


You cowardly pos, banning me on your stupid forum, and then come here to promote your message???

Now that's 'digital democracy' ... Liberal-style ...!!!

And, yes ... the Liberals in Guelph organized themselves to destroy and deface their own property all on one night ... that's how desperate they are ... so obvious..!!!

Red Tory (redtory.wordpress.com) writes at Sun Aug 31 14:54:42 EDT 2008...

Maybe Harry S. should file a police report seeing as he apparently has EVIDENCE of Liberal malfeasance. Either that, or he's just full of b.s.

Ti-Guy writes at Sun Aug 31 15:12:15 EDT 2008...

You cowardly pos, banning me on your stupid forum, and then come here to promote your message???

Success! A paid Conservative troll has lost his self-control.

Well done.

eastofeden writes at Sun Aug 31 16:03:17 EDT 2008...

Maybe Rhino? (none) writes at Sun Aug 31 13:14:01 EDT 2008.

Patronizing? Sweetness? I was never sweet on Garth's site - it was diplomacy and open-mindedness which some foamers (not you) jumped upon and labled as BS or sweetness. As for patronizing you - no, I was speaking my mind. That is the problem with the Lib supporters from Garth's blog. Anything that comes from somebody who does not support the Liberal party is bad, no matter what. Even though I do not trust Garth nor like his style, on his blog I still maintain some respect for the fact that it is his blog and would not slag him on it. However, I think my feelings came out very clearly as to how I felt about his political leanings and his style on his blog. Two-faced? No, just that when I am in somebody else's domain, I don't crap on the carpet.

As for Irene, I resent her implication about Conservative parents being parents of delinquent kid. Children turn out well or bad no matter their parents' political preferences. And yes, my tone has changed. I am so sick of non-Libs being called trolls, sheeple, cons, evil...etc. As I said, you were one of the rational and inoffensive ones on Garth's blog. Whether we vote Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Green, or even Bloc (in Quebec), we are still human beings. Some of the ranters on Garth's blog give me the impression that they would reject anybody who doesn't vote their way. I, on the other hand, have friends of all political, religious, and ethnic varieties. Those factors do not figure in to our relationships - its is what is inside that counts.

As for Leasa and Harry; I never take anything Harry says seriously. Leasa, if you looked past whatever offensive things she said, made some sense. Now, how about MWH and Pyotr? Are they not offenders? I believe that those two have just about used up every offensive term in the book.

Yes, I vented this morning. I am tired of the same old "booted out of the Conservative caucus" story, I am tired of job losses, the housing market, etc. being brought up as if it is solely the fault of the current government. And, of course, it is never mentioned that the other parties never stepped in and stopped the government from doing what it is doing. As for the Liberals not having the money...hey, that's not my problem nor should it affect how the party acts in the interests of Canadians. By not stepping in or voting down the government, the Liberals are just as complicit as the others for allowing Harper to have his way. Funny how that never gets mentioned.

Now, as one of the reasonable posters, I am sure you can see my logic.

As for my voting Green...yes, I will. I want the Greens to have my dollars from Elections Canada. I also do not want to vote Liberal or NDP. I will not validate the CPC party as long as Flaherty is Finance Minister. So, there you have it - my choice will be Green.

Harry S writes at Sun Aug 31 19:53:14 EDT 2008...

To: David Graham;

First I want to apologize to you for dragging you into this sorry and sordid discussion about Guelph, Garth, etc., and the personal attacks that have invaded your forum. I regret I did that but when somebody comes on this forum to slag me and then bans me on their blog ... well I was annoyed to say the least. I have said my peace and will not anything more to the forum on this topic.

However, I looked at your profile and was surprised that you called yourself a "non-practicing atheist jew", which, based on my personal experience with jews in my youth (a rabbi was my next door neighbour, and I lived during my gentile childhood in the midst of a large jewish community in Canada and know the culture and traditions).. you can't really call yourself a "jew" any more than I can..LOL ...!!!

Since you were born in 1981, you also missed on the most romantic of all railway history ... the CNR/CPR steam locomotives !!! All those diesel engines are just cartoon trains .. and nothing compared to standing next to an idling black monster machine with it's massive steel wheels, steam chest mechanism and listening to the steam being vented every so often and shaking everything around you ... that's POWER ... WHOOOOO!!! .... they radiate heat and smell of lovely, sulphurous coal while diesels just plain stink (did you ever have the opportunity to drive a diesel engine .. I did for a few minutes .. interesting) ...!!!

One of these days you may even become a practicing, faithful conservative after you experience four great years of pure majority Harper government too ... get ready because it's coming ...!!!!

Harry S writes at Mon Sep 1 02:31:46 EDT 2008...

Just reread my above comments ... did I misunderstand you when you labeled yourself a "non-practicing atheist jew" ... were you proclaiming yourself to be a "jew" and a "non-practicing atheist" ..??!!!

If so, please forgive me for my outrage and error ....!!!!

Haltonjohn writes at Mon Sep 1 12:06:03 EDT 2008...

I guess the continuous fountain of Liberal lies, slander, scams, and corruption, is getting the best of some people.

Isn't it sad that nothing will happen to the vandals.

After all, we can't punish vandals, when rapists, drunk drivers, gun toting punks, and others violent offenders, can all walk free.

That's a bit of an oxymoron for the Librons isn't it.

Scott Tribe (scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com) writes at Mon Sep 1 12:33:13 EDT 2008...

Uh..HaltonJohn, its been YOUR conservatives in power for 2 1/2 years. The past due date has long expired over blaming the previous Liberals government. Between trying to cheat election laws, the Chuck Cadman affair, the fact it appears they're treating food testing for listeriosis the same way Harris did in Walkerton, and many more.. if Canadians will be tired of anyone, it's Harper and this government.

As for the rest of your tripe, Those "vandals" should be charged with attempted murder for cutting those brakelines of those cars. Someone could have been easily killed. It's a poor reflection on you and other Con supporters that they're brushing this off as some venting at Liberals. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Harry S writes at Mon Sep 1 12:49:38 EDT 2008...

Scott Tribe:

As for the rest of your tripe, Those "vandals" should be charged with attempted murder for cutting those brakelines of those cars. Someone could have been easily killed. It's a poor reflection on you and other Con supporters that they're brushing this off as some venting at Liberals. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


You are a pusillanimous pos and you know it, and still blocking me from posting responses on your pathetic blog and then coming here to slag others.

Those "vandals" are most likely the Liberal homeowners who the Guelph police must consider 'persons of interest' ... because to hit 10 'Liberal' houses and 6 'Liberal' cars in one night is not a credible scenario from a policing pov ... and you know it but that doesn't stop you from spewing your partisan goebbelian smearmogering propaganda on this fine and open blog forum ... thanks to David Graham our host..!!!

Jack (www.youtube.com/user/daedsihtaeh) writes at Mon Sep 1 14:47:07 EDT 2008...

We will need bats and guns to go out to vote this year, that's becoming plain.

Fine by me, I've been looking to break some quisling heads since '88.

But why, oh why , doesn't the GG step in and bench the Cons ?

Those who consistently cheat and break the rules should be disqualified and removed from play.

eastofeden writes at Mon Sep 1 15:15:55 EDT 2008...

I will also apologize for sullying your blog with my venting yesterday. As an excuse, I can only say that Irene's comment about Conservative parents tipped me over the edge. As I said to Rhino, I am sick and tired of the knee-jerk insults against Conservatives that I have read on Garth's blog. It doesn't justify my venting on your site and for sinking as low as Garth's fans and I can assure you that it will not happen again on your blog. Once again, I apologize to you.

Aaron (www.acces.com) writes at Mon Sep 1 23:26:51 EDT 2008...

As a staunch conservative, I find this to be a despicable act.

Since the act itself is not descriptive of NDP or Conservative policy, it is probably from disgruntled teens etc.

I hope the cops get them and throw out the keys!!!!


Ilania Abileah (www.ilaniaabileah.com) writes at Tue Sep 2 07:19:57 EDT 2008...

Your parents passed this URL on...and I thought that people in Ontario are very civilized and level headed. I find the language in some postings on this page atrocious too. These photos of marked homes and cut breaklines could be sent to the national papers along with letters to the editor, perhaps somebody will pick up on it after all. Ilania

Rita writes at Tue Sep 2 09:01:34 EDT 2008...

Since a specific group (real or perceived) is targeted, this should be dealt with as a hate crime.

East of Eden writes at Tue Sep 2 10:06:26 EDT 2008...

Sorry, Rita. I don't agree. We are so quick to cry racism or hate that the whole concept is being watered down. To be honest, "hate crime" means nothing to me now because it has been overused. Real hate crimes are going unnoticed because too many people are reacting like you have - calling everything a hate crime. Same holds true for racism - I no longer pay attention because any time a non-white is hurt, killed, or arrested for acting in a criminal fashion, it is racism. Sorry, tired of hearing those two words.

Harry S writes at Tue Sep 2 14:13:58 EDT 2008...

Think Ilania ... why would winning Conservative, NDP or Green election campaigners do such a thing to those "Liberal" cars and houses..??!!!

It's totally unbelievable .. and the only rational conclusion is that Liberals themselves performed this vandalism on themselves to rescue their sorry arses in a losing situation. These Liberals are so desperate they must stoop to such low levels ... and all the paranoid haters come out and accuse Conservatives .. while it's the desperate Liberals all along. That's my take on this despicable situation.

East of Eden writes at Tue Sep 2 14:35:20 EDT 2008...

Harry, everything is the fault of the Harper Conservatives, according to the foamers. The Liberals are fault-free, after all. I could not believe some of the comments on that other Liberal blog after this incident. Talk about knee-jerk, stupid, blind reactions: all the Conservatives' fault.

Harry S writes at Tue Sep 2 14:50:54 EDT 2008...

East of Eden ... the federal Liberals are in a paranoid panic state because they know Dion is a dud. They are like cornered rats snarling in their desperation .. defacing their homes and damaging their cars... so obvious.

All of this would not had happened if they had elected Ignatieff or Rae as their new leader ... but no, instead they fell back into the clutches of the corrupt old dogs and 'extremist elements' all attempting to pull Dion's strings. Meanwhile Dion the idealistic, unrealistic, egotistic professor decided to push his 'environmental' agenda with his ludicrous "carbon tax" to punish all Canadians for driving and heating their homes.

The Liberals need a long time out to rebuild, renew and revamp their beloved Liberal brand. Dion is damaging the Liberal brand and will suck them down in the next election because most Canadians do not want another Liberal prime minister from Quebec ... and Quebecers moreso than the RoC. Liberals are in turmoil and unstable ....!!!

East of Eden writes at Wed Sep 3 10:08:17 EDT 2008...

I agree, Harry. And look who is Dion's number one handler? The one and only blogging Grit. I am not unaware that the two deputy leaders are not supporting Dion nor am I unaware that the majority (99.9%) of Lib MPs do not appear to be on-side with their current leader. It will take a while to remove the Chrtien corruption stink from the Liberals and take the party a long time to rebuild its finances and to regain some credibility. The Green Shift has some good points but taxing natural gas is a killer. The plan did not consider the trickle down effect on Canadians' finances and guys like Garth like to point to income tax reductions in an attempt to distract us from the real cost to individual Canadian taxpayers. I certainly hope that Harper can provide some solid numbers to give to us to convince Canadian voters that this tax on everything is very bad for our country and for Canadians. And some foamers even want to restore the GST to 7%. At least Dion isn't promising la Chrtien, to remove a tax in order to break the promise.

Harry S writes at Wed Sep 3 13:46:59 EDT 2008...

EoE ... Just saw Ignatieff on Liberal CBC Central explaining why Dion's adjustment to the Green Shift to help mitigate the carbon tax on diesel is so good for Canadian farmers, fishermen, truckers .. those that are part of the food chain. Ignataieff's interview was scheduled a half hour before the CBC was to broadcast PM Harper's announcement in Windsor for the Essex engine plant. The CBC should be terminated.

As for natural gas increases, and then overlaying a Dion carbon tax will kill the Liberals for homeowners and apartment dwellers too. This Green Shift is designed to fail at reducing GHGs so that Canada will not meet it's 2012 Kyoto 'obligations' as stated on page 16 of Dion's Green Shift. The covert Liberal plan is to purchase Billion$$$ of Kyoto carbon credits from China in 2012 to meet our Kyoto 'obligations'. That's why in 44 pages of Green Shift, there is only one obscure paragraph on GHG reductions.

The $15 Billion of collected carbon tax is obviously intended to purchase Kyoto Carbon Credits by 2012. Of that, I have no doubt ... it's a gigantic scam to fleece the Canadian taxpayer when our GHG contribution to global emissions is only 2.3% .. and to meet our Kyoto targets would only reduce global GHGs by an insignificant 0.7% ... and for all this, the Liberals want to impose a punitive carbon tax on all Canadian consumers and taxpayers.

D. Anthony writes at Tue Sep 9 08:35:03 EDT 2008...

Not surprisingly, whoever perpetrated the crimes against Liberal supporters in Guelph has not thought it through.

With the outcome in the riding depending on the 16% undecided vote, the question for those voters now is, '...do I want to be associated with any party that would do such a thing?' And as the majority of people would perceive that the Liberal party is the only one NOT involved, well there's the only safe place to park your undecided vote. Pretty well every wavering, undecided voter I've queried about this, is now heavily considering the Liberal party as the only ethical choice.

Despite all detailed criticisms of the Liberals in this string of entries, the vandalism has done more to sway decisions toward the Liberals than any debate or editorial could possibly do.

Deb Prothero writes at Tue Sep 9 23:02:49 EDT 2008...

Wow, David. I hadn't realized that this vandalism had gotten so out of hand.

We've always had a very large number of Liberal signs removed by Conservatives (with photos) and during the last election, 4 Liberal houses in my own neighbourhood had dog shit thrown at their front doors. BUT the situation in your riding illustrates that the Conservatives in Southern Ontario must be a frustrated lot to resort to these criminal acts. I hope they are caught through fingerprint evidence or something.

East of Eden writes at Thu Sep 11 10:14:38 EDT 2008...

Do, Deb Prothero - you know for a fact that Conservatives are doing this? I'm not saying they did or didn't but I would never make such a blanket statement without having incontravertible proof. If what you say is true, why are the perpetrators not arrested. After all, to make a blanket statement as you did means that you know personally the perpetrators. Or...could you just be spouting Halton sheeple talking points?

heels writes at Sun Oct 5 22:09:03 EDT 2008...

The vandalism in Guelph and now Toronto is despicable. No. That is not a strong enough word.

Clearly there is an agenda to frighten off Liberal voters

Ask yourself who(m) that benefits.

The obvoious answer in Guelph and perhaps TO is the Conservatives. I would not put it past Gloria K of the Cons in Guelph to "sanction" this outrage.

Gloria is the most arrogant and self serving individuals I have ever encountered BUT is she that stupid? Yes she is stupid. Yes she is arrogant. But that stupid (or calculating)

I think not.

This affront to democracy comes for the Greens.

Oh no you say. They are paragons of vitue. They are going to save the planet.

Perhaps but they have to win...something and to do that they have embraced the tactics of Tommie the Commie. That GUTS spin-off with cells in Guelph and in Tommie's moms riding in TO.

It all fits but will the police fit the pieces together? Doubt it!

To change to topisc slightly...

Look at the sign wars in Guelph

Who is trashing whose signs?

Seems to me it is Greens trashing Liberal signs

Anywhere you see sign trashing its the Green sign that remain upright.

Gloria's professional (paid) sign installers know squat about the local politics...its the Greens that indulge in the strategic damage...and they are handmadens of Tommy. God help us

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