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Rona to serve as Mars rover

With talk of a tory cabinet shuffle running rampant today and the recent news that the government has stunned the European Space Agency by declining to provide a rover for a Mars mission, their true plans are starting to take shape.

It is a fairly obvious choice to dump featherweight Rona Ambrose from cabinet in the rumoured upcoming shuffle. She's ineffective and inexperienced. But she is capable of walking around independently, and Canada could save a great deal of money by sending Rona to Mars to replace the cancelled rover. The environment on that planet should be quite similar to what Rona likes, as it isn't too far off her vision for Canada.

Seriously, though, cancelling the Mars Rover project is a bad idea. Harper is trying so very hard to damage Canada's credibility in so many ways, and now he's throwing technology out as well.

The comparisons between this move and Diefenbaker's cancellation of the Avro Arrow are apt. There's no tory like one who wants to throw out Canadian pride and technology at the first opportunity.

Posted at 15:31 on December 14, 2006

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I'maCynic writes at Thu Dec 14 18:52:11 2006...

Those poor, poor Martians!

Nobody Special writes at Fri Dec 15 13:13:44 2006...

It's easy to blame the government or minister for it's environmental policy. It's easy to wave a green flag or cast a vote for a politician touting Koyoto. Are Canadians really ready to put some substance in their blue boxes? Plans,protocols and speeches are easy, the tough stuff is another story. Are people willing to drastically cut their own automobile emissions by ditching the SUV or utilizing public transit? Will Canadians provide the necessary funding to invest in rapid transit,the infrastructure,and the technology? Are Canadians willing to lose their job if their employer cannot meet environmental standards?.Yes feel free to insult the government or a minister but be careful what you wish for. In order to address the environment Canadians are going to have to make some difficult lifestyle choices and stick to them.

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