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What's Iggy up to?

Michael Ignatieff appeared to take his surprise (to him) defeat at the convention in stride, doing the traditional 'I make this vote unanimous' bit after being defeated by Stphane Dion, but a few little things since then have got me scratching my head.

First off, the Monday after the convention, CBC aired live footage as the victorious Dion returned to Ottawa and gave his first speech to caucus. He had with him all the other candidates from the convention, and in question period he gave as many of them as he could an opportunity to ask questions. That bit is all fine and very much sent the message the party needed to hear..

At the time I made mental note of the fact that everyone was applauding and cheering Dion except Michael Ignatieff, who entered not far behind Dion waving and smiling to caucus as if he had been the winner, rather than applauding the party's duly elected new leader. I didn't think too much of it at the time, I just thought it was part of Michael Ignatieff's political inexperience and his personality.

Then today, in the mail, my wife and I each received an innocuous looking envelope from Michael Ignatieff, MP. In it is a simple bulk holiday greeting card with his printed signature.

On the surface it is a nice gesture, but I would expect an MP seeking re-election to concentrate his efforts on his own riding -- unless he has another agenda.

What, then, is his agenda?

At a guess, he is setting himself up for a leadership run next time around. Another losing candidate did that. His name was Paul Martin.

This article noted by Take Off, Eh? seems to suggest that I'm not the only one with this thought on my mind.

It takes cooperation by all sides to have unity. Unity is not, by definition, brought on from above. I hope Iggy lives up to his rhetoric and works with the new leadership to rebuild the party, not against it. His personal ambitions are not important for the future of the country and they should not be allowed to get in the way.

Posted at 12:36 on December 14, 2006

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Werner Patels writes at Thu Dec 14 15:54:47 2006...

Iggy is a sore loser. Mark my words: he'll be back in the States, Britain, France or wherever before you know it.

MC writes at Thu Dec 14 16:09:11 2006...

For Christ's sake, he sent you a Christmas card. Don't be so condescending.

ABI writes at Thu Dec 14 16:12:46 2006...

The Igman is only here to align Canadian foreign policy with that of the US. I think Dion may have denied him the foreign affairs portfolio, which is why is failed leadership bid is more than just that. The man could care less about mundane Canadian domestic politics and even less the people of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, a lowly district unfit for a decenent of Czars and Counts.

Antonio writes at Thu Dec 14 16:14:57 2006...

Maurizio sends me Christmas Cards every year...NOW I KNOW WHY!

Get over yourself, seriously

Justin Tetreault writes at Thu Dec 14 16:31:27 2006...

It's not his "printed signature" It's electronic. Look at it again. I got one today too.

cdlu writes at Thu Dec 14 16:37:34 2006...


Yes, electronic. Printed as in printed with the card, not with a pen.


I don't mean to be offensive. My main point is that I find it kind of strange. If it is common for MPs to send all kinds of people with whom they have no connection christmas cards then so be it, but I had never heard of them doing it before.


He handled the defeat with a lot more grace than I expected and I do actually expect that he will stick around, possibly for years, and once he learns not to misspeak will probably be a quite valuable cabinet minister if he puts his heart into it.

What I want to make sure is that if he is staying around, it is for the country and for the party, not for himself.

andrewridgeley writes at Thu Dec 14 16:42:05 2006...

Dude. You can get on like any MPs Christmas list easy. I have cards from everyone from Volpe to Pierre Pettigrew to Michel Gauthier to Robert Stanfield. It's a card. Dude.

As a Dionista, I'll say that Iggy has been nothing but wonderful for the party--- during the leadership race and after.

shoshanaberman writes at Thu Dec 14 17:55:17 2006...

It would be best for the Party if Mr. Ignatieff and Coderre at least resigned their seats with Igs going back to the States. Unfortunately, they have obviously decided to undermine Dion already and begin machinations. It would well for all of us to watch their every move very closely. Luckily for us neither of them is subtle. I really don't think Dion should even put him in cabinet after Igs challenging him in caucus on Afghanistan, much more significant than a Christmas Card. Hopefully, if he does its a very minor portfolio.

SLG writes at Thu Dec 14 18:36:16 2006...

Please - enough of the suspicious crap. I've seen Ignatieff applaud Dion many times. People just can be happy can they? About challenging Dion on Afhganistan - that's one thing I like about the Liberal Party - they are allowed to discuss and debate. Will this garbage never stop? The leadership campaign if over.

Oh gosh, someone got an Xmas card and everyone thinks he's a spy or something.

I've received cards over the years from people not of my riding - this isn't new and perhaps the party are dividing up or something to keep in touch - you know, an election may be coming sooner than we think.

Aman Hayer writes at Fri Dec 15 01:08:12 2006...

Don't read to much into it. The media will do anything to create another Chretien-Martin divide. The media would love nothing more, than another bitter rift in the Liberal Party of Canada. Don't help them along.

Conservative writes at Fri Dec 15 12:33:40 2006...

Iggy should have won as he is the only lib with any credibility and I still think he wants it.

shoshana writes at Fri Dec 15 12:35:47 2006...

Challenging the new leader in caucus by shouting out at him a warning to not divide the Party over Afghanistan borders on a threat, far less not supporting the leader. Igs needs his ass kicked for that crap and hs supporters need to figure out that he lost.

michelle writes at Fri Jan 5 13:45:15 2007...

Coderre is a snake. Beware.

rob oliphant writes at Sun Jan 21 09:17:57 2007...

Hey guys don't forget about me. I know Iggy lost, but that's all done. Now look at me. I want Toronto centre. I think I can beat out Bob Rae, just ask me. Pick me pick me

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