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Debate #2,871: Montreal

Since the Toronto debate last weekend I've come down with pneumonia, of all useful things, and haven't had much energy to post anything while being mostly bed-ridden. I watched this afternoon's debate and have only a few thoughts on it.

First off, I found it difficult to follow. I don't know if it was just because I am sick, but it just felt less organised than previous debates. It was in Montreal, mostly in French, but some candidates changed languages so often that by the time I had the channel changed (SAP on Rogers still has YTV...ugh) it was time to change back again.

Is it just me or did the last debate, between Ignatieff, Kennedy, and Findlay, get twice as much time as the others and a bonus question?

I have mixed feelings about Dion's closing comments. I am a die-hard Dion supporter, but I have to admit, I didn't really like the tone. The debate should be a positive one, even if saying negative things in a positive way. I agree with his point that he is the one that comes without baggage, but that should perhaps be the opening to the speech rather than or as well as the closing. I'm not sure, anyway, I may have misinterpreted it through a coughing spell.

A lot of candidates carried on in French until they hit brick walls, then switched to English. Some of the candidates, most notably Kennedy - more for his statistical standing than for the relative quality of his French compared to the other unilingual candidates - caused me to nearly cringe when they spoke. The French of some of these people is downright painful.

In the same vein, what a few people have said is true. Dion's English is much better than any of the other's French. Rae confidently misuses words (most notably 'dur', something I complained about Elizabeth May doing at the French Green party debate some months ago, albeit with a different misuse of the same word), while others spend so much effort trying to speak French they are unable to make any kind of point.

Somehow, I don't expect this debate to truly be the last. I would really like to see a debate between Ignatieff, Rae, Dion, and Kennedy exclusively, configured as an election leadership debate would be with real debating actively encouraged and allowed.

Posted at 20:52 on October 21, 2006

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The Toronto debate | leadership politics | Elizabeth May to run in London, but not Bob Rae?

marie writes at Sun Oct 22 01:54:12 2006...

Dion, no baggage?

I'm sorry, I like the guy, but I am so tired of him defending everything the Liberals did the in past 8 years just because he was a part of it.

That's baggage.

Jan writes at Sun Oct 22 13:39:48 2006...

Exactly. We need a debate with the top 4 only.

Jacqueline Alderton writes at Sun Oct 22 19:54:30 2006...

Okay so let me get this straight...These people are running for the LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA. When did expereince become baggage? Especially when the said individual has had no ties with the events of the past that have tainted certain members of the Liberal Party. You are right about one thing he shouldn't have to apologize for being Liberal because well he has been a hell of a Liberal, which is more than I can say for some others......

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