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Question period today

Today's question period had an extra bit of satire for those of us watching on CPAC. (Updated)

I doubt it's deliberate, and it could be restricted to Rogers customers, but the Secondary Audio Program channel, where French is normally found, today appears to be hosting the sound track for a cartoon channel or something of that nature. It has nothing to do with CPAC, at any rate. It is amusing to watch people rise in the house and laugh hysterically while dramatic music plays in the background, but it isn't really helpful.

As far as the actual questions, John Baird called Ignatieff the upcoming leader of the Liberal party, while quoting him on the topic of cutting government spending. Does Baird know something the rest of us don't?

Digs were also taken at Volpe and I think Brison by the tories, with a minister asking if the party was going to investigate Volpe's charge of bigotry in the party, and a leadership candidate being challenged by Peter MacKay for supporting the abolishion of ALCOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency).

The NDP has me as baffled as ever, handing questions to the Conservatives with which to attack the Liberals, by design. I know the NDP sits on the same side of the house as the Conservative party, but I thought it was because there wasn't enough space for them on the opposition side...

Update: CPAC's SAP is YTV's soundtrack today (on Rogers here, anyway)!

Update 2:

Posted at 16:52 on October 02, 2006

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Altavistagoogle writes at Mon Oct 2 17:03:26 2006...

I didn't realise CPAC even had secondary audio. I have have both CPAC English and CPAC French here with Rogers Digital.

I wish there was a CPAC neutral. Flicking between English and French is bloody annoying.


cdlu writes at Mon Oct 2 17:08:30 2006...

Yeah, I used the digital box to watch it in the end, too, flipping between 59 and 671 every time someone changed languages.

I emailed CPAC a while ago asking if they could have a floor sound channel. They wrote back saying that I should use their on line feed to hear floor sound.

Kenn Chaplin writes at Mon Oct 2 17:20:05 2006...

Now that's funny!

Sandi writes at Mon Oct 2 18:37:47 2006...

Now, how stupid of the NDP and Conservatives - they've proven they are very, very worried.

I don't know why Baird is in such a hurry for the approval of the Accountability Act, which is his excuse and answer for everything. It gives the neo-cons much more time to break the rules and be as un-accountable as they've been.

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