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A few quick thoughts on super weekend

As super weekend winds down, there are a few things on my mind about what's happening.

Posted at 18:03 on October 01, 2006

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Dion is your choice, too | leadership musings politics | Question period today

Sandi writes at Mon Oct 2 10:32:37 2006...

I'm surprised anyone listens to Robin Sears. He was a strategist for Rae during the premier days and Sears got caught doing some unethical spending. I don't see why he is even included on panel discussions - he disgusting.

My problem with Dion is is poor English (double-standard it seems - as in Kennedy and his French). I've seen Dion in Question Period and he cannot debate well - he just doesn't strongly get his points across. And the worst, when asked who he thought was his favourite world leader - ah, would you believe Chretien? Give me a break. This is schmoozing if I ever heard it. Other candidates when asked about their favourits, movies, leaders, etc. picked people like Mandela. Chretien?

So, Chretien and his gang of thieves is behind Rae and if he doesn't win - I suppose their behind Dion - something smells here folks.

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