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Ignatieff says he'll run for parliament if he wins the leadership

Michael Ignatieff says he will probably run in the next election if he wins the leadership of the Liberal party.

According to this article by Linda Diebel at the Star, Ignatieff says whether or not he runs in the next election will depend on who is leader. He also says that he is "quite confident" that he will win the leadership.

Obviously he thinks he would make the best leader, otherwise he wouldn't be running. Any leadership candidate who does not believe they are the best person for the job doesn't stand much of a chance when they take a run at it. It is probable also that he would not wish to run in a Liberal party run by someone who he considers inferior to himself. We can therefore assume that he has no intention of running in the election if anyone other than himself is leader, though we can only guess as to whether or not he intends to run if he does win. He may, after all, consider himself to be an inadequate leader under which to run.

Asked if he plans to re-run in his own riding, Ignatieff says, according to the article: "I'd like to serve my constituents well, but you're asking me an anticipatory hypothetical about the situation that prevails on the 3rd or 4th of December."

If Ignatieff would seriously like to be leader, he would be well advised to put in some more time on the Hill, and to at least sound like that is where he wants to be. I would be surprised if he were to be left out of cabinet in a future Grit government. A little experience on the governing side of the house demonstrating his abilities, how he handles controversies and debates, and proving himself to be a leader would go a long ways toward boosting support for a future leadership bid. Returning to academia following a defeat would only confirm the misgivings I have about his commitment to leadership and his competency as a leader. Mainly I am concerned that he does not understand politics within the Canadian frame of reference -- and that he will move on to other challenges if he loses.

If his inclination is to cut and run when suffering a setback, how would he handle a defeat in the Commons?

Posted at 17:08 on August 30, 2006

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jz writes at Wed Aug 30 18:34:14 2006...

"probably" doesn't cut it.

liberal woman writes at Wed Aug 30 18:49:55 2006...

you know, MI may believe he'll be the best leader, he may be the best leader if elected but SHOULD HE LOOSE as he might I think he owes it to us who're working on his campaign - to stay and *prove* that he is who he says he is. Standing with him is an act of faith on our parts as let's face it, Ignatieff has no actual experience for the job at this point. And after all the bru ha ha that he is a Liberal and a Canadian he should have the balls to stay if defeated. And from a purely pragmatic perspective Ignatieff's almost 60, one needs to be an MP for only 6 years to get a full pension so from that consideration alone he'd be a fool to leave.

sarnold writes at Wed Aug 30 21:09:38 2006...

"cut and run", interesting choice of words. ;)

Uzurper writes at Wed Aug 30 22:43:21 2006...

The title of your post is ridiculous, especially since it doesn't represent the true nature of what he said, or what you say in your article.

The fact is, for a guy who wants to lead a political party, his commitment is increasingly being demonstrated (by himself, as well as others) to be shaky at best. He certainly isn't helping his own credibility.

burlivespipe writes at Thu Aug 31 01:16:51 2006...

I got the clever joke of your post title, but my fellow Rae friend Uzie must have been speed reading. Ignatieff is his own worse enemy. He has the political instincts of salmonella, and the finesse of Larry, Curly and Moe rolled into one. Can there be any doubt that the man behind the 'Stop Iggy' campaign is none other than Iggy himself?! Plus, with TDHuh onboard, I guess he's seeing there is only room for one meglomaniac...

Uzurper writes at Thu Aug 31 09:12:26 2006...

Uzurper is officially an idiot... I'm sorry about that - it was late, and a long day at work :D

Apologies to cdlu and burlive for making an ass of myself haha. :)

Sandi writes at Thu Aug 31 10:19:24 2006...

Ignatieff DID NOT say he'd cut and run. This issue is so over.

How about some real issues. How about Harper's summer - he's gotten off so easy because people ae focused on nonsense.

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