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CBC's Henry Champ and the ... Soviets?

Are the Soviets still launching Soyuz capsules to space? I thought that Russia took over from the Soviet Union a decade and a half ago.

I enjoy Henry Champ's coverage of American issues (though not half as much as the cynical and blunt Neil McDonald) for CBC, but yesterday and today on CBC News Morning he's made a bit of a blunder.

As NASA debates whether or not to take the space shuttle Atlantis off its launch pad and return it to the vehicle assembly building in anticipation of hurricane Ernesto, Henry Champ and many other reporters have been at the Kennedy Space Center reporting on every bit of news coming out. Yesterday, in Champ's discussion of it, he referred to the fact that the Russians would be launching a Soyuz space capsule in early September which would cause a conflict at the space station if Atlantis goes up. Except he didn't say that, he said the Soviets were sending up a Soyuz.

I thought he might correct himself or be corrected, but he wasn't. Then, on the same topic, in the same place, while giving the latest update, he did it again today.

Meanwhile, the Confederates are taking the shuttle off the launch pad.

No wait, that's not it...

Posted at 08:11 on August 29, 2006

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Jason Townsend writes at Tue Aug 29 14:09:03 2006...

Common enough error. Plus having an authoritarian KGB man in charge does tend to make it just a smidge less unreasonable.

sarnold writes at Wed Aug 30 21:19:36 2006...

Incidently, my home town paper (The Oregonian) published an AP story on the front page about a meeting of astronomer types in "Prague, Czechoslovokia".

I guess the news media misses the old days of the cold war..

Jeff Sipek writes at Fri Sep 1 21:11:39 2006...

Brilliant! It annoys me enough when I hear someone refer to Czechoslovakia in present tense, granted it _was_ a small country, but if you say soviet when you should have said russian, you should be smacked. Soviet Union _was_ not a small country. Russia _is_ not a small country either...urgh

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