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Thanks and Congratulations

I want to thank the Guelph Mercury for naming me one of Guelph's "40 under 40" for my work in transit advocacy, the creation of the GuelphBlogs.ca roll, and some of my other activities. I'd also like to congratulate many of my fellow GuelphBlogs.ca members on the list, Magda Konieczna, Ali Asaria, and Cam Guthrie.

Here is the complete list and their bios from the Mercury:

Christoph Kesting
Damian McDonald
Chantal Thorn
Jim Talbot
Michael Fox
Magda Konieczna
Matthew Stanley
Drew Doughty
Brent Rowan
Peggy DiCarlo
Lisa Richards
Abid Virani
Jason Castellan
Mitchell Gillespie
Will Mactaggart
Pinky Langat
Cyndy McLean
Ali Asaria
David Graham
Ohenewa Akuffo
Ben Polley
Julia Grady
Lee Piccoli
Mark Handy and Chantalle Asselin
Les Patterson
Taylor Beech
Isabelle Forget
Raffaella Tardioli
Mark Rodford
Peter Glaab
Robin Milhausen
Audrey Jamal
Andrew and Joshua Cameron
Diane Nalini de Kerckhove
Dave Kelly
Cam Guthrie
Cierra Carere
Rev. John Borthwick
Craig Chamberlain
Tanya Riemann

Congratulations to you all!

Posted at 09:10 on July 02, 2008

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Jeff (bcinto.blogspot.com) writes at Wed Jul 2 12:21:44 EDT 2008...

Congrats David! Don't ever forget about us little people. :)

Cam Guthrie (www.camguthrie.ca) writes at Wed Jul 2 13:57:32 EDT 2008...

You totally deserve this David! You're a great friend and your contribution to Guelph Blogs and to transit issues are unmatched! Congrats man!


Stephen Host (gokw.org) writes at Sun Jul 6 23:13:35 EDT 2008...

David, Congratulations. You are a soldier for our community. Keep up the fine work. =)

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