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Making Ontario a leader

If Alberta can lead North America in both the production of tarsands, the dirtiest energy source known to man, and green energy, what is stopping Ontario from being the North American leader in both car production and the development of mass transit systems? Food for thought...

Posted at 13:45 on April 06, 2008

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shoes writes at Mon Apr 7 10:41:23 EDT 2008...

...and it does not have to be just car production.

You and I, Ontario taxpayers, supported the development of the new electric lawn mower developed by Linamar (see Merc and Star reports). Did you know that this development was assisted by a strategic investments / partnership (or whatever Mcguinty calls them)? Seems like good news and money well invested. Of course there was no report in the Merc...would't want to give the Libs any credit.(Or are they too busy..... mewling over the fact that Brenda C will not talk to them?)

David Graham (cdlu.net) writes at Mon Apr 7 18:13:33 EDT 2008...


Ya, definitely. Ontario can lead in the production of green vehicles, public transportation strategies, and now electric lawnmowers. Bombardier's plant up in Thunder Bay is pumping out GO Transit passenger coaches, among others. GO is experimenting with double-deck busses now, too. We have a lot of potential here, if we're willing to use it.

I'm concerned that Ontario politicians, regardless of stripe, are too worried about the well-being of the auto industry whose days, in my opinion, are numbered regardless. We have to start considering the long term future, not always just the next election.

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