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Harpocracy at its finest

From Canada's premier troop supporter comes a Christmas present like no other: a pay cut for some of our soldiers. I guess that's how he plans to pay for the C-17s.

Hat tip to our favourite Red Tory for catching this.

If this story sounds a little bit familiar, perhaps it is because the Americans announced this week that they, too, are supporting their troops -- by demanding signing bonuses back from injured soldiers because they aren't fulfilling their contracts.

Posted at 11:20 on November 23, 2007

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retired-soldier writes at Fri Nov 23 14:40:41 EST 2007...

are you fuckin serious???

cdlu (cdlu.net) writes at Fri Nov 23 14:42:48 EST 2007...

retired-soldier, deadly serious.

Apparently some Brits are getting in on the soldier-loving action, too, but at least in their case it's not government-mandated insults.

Rick writes at Fri Nov 23 14:42:55 EST 2007...

i think they just found out there will be a deficit soon, because of economic gst cuts

and they are trying to cover their uselass asses...

retired-soldier writes at Fri Nov 23 14:46:28 EST 2007...

just read the site on your blog, I am .....shit I cant describe it...

they gotta go.....simple as that,....

this is the same policy as bush, read he cut salaries also.

Donovan writes at Fri Nov 23 20:29:15 EST 2007...

You know, typically I support the Conservatives. But I support our troops even more. We ask them to put their lives on the line and this is how we reward them? No sir. This is completely unconscionable.

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