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Dear MP Mike Wallace: try the truth on for size

The Member of Parliament of Burlington, Conservative Mike Wallace, just stood in the House in Statements by Members and asserted that the current government is responsible for the triple tracking through Burlington, Ontario intended to improve GO commuter train service with the help of $23M of federal funds.

For a plan that's been in the works for several years and has been in progress since before the Conservatives were even elected, that's awfully rich.

The tracks, called the Oakville Subdivision, were triple tracked over the last two years for improved GO service, with a completion date of summer 2006. Wallace asserted that this project proves the Conservatives' commitment to the environment. Typical tory.

If this were true, the Conservatives would be funding GO -- Government of Ontario -- Transit to a much greater extent and be actively promoting and supporting passenger rail service across this country.

That'll be the day.

Posted at 12:21 on February 07, 2007

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My submission to the Ontario Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform | politics transit | The CN strike explained

Miles Lunn writes at Wed Feb 7 18:33:45 2007...

The Tories seem to think the GTA is monolithically Liberal. It is probably true the 416 is out of reach for the Tories, but if they paid more attention to GTA issues they could win the 905 belt. Off course Harper and his gang have a score to settle with the GTA and are quite happy to hit the area hard. Most Conservatives I know of in the GTA are sitting on their hands waiting for Harper to lose so they can choose a real leader.

cdlu writes at Thu Feb 8 08:39:47 2007...

Here it is from Hansard:

Mr. Mike Wallace (Burlington, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, our new government is committed to real improvements in our transit system and our environment, not just empty promises like the previous Liberal government, but genuine action and real commitment.

I want to tell the House about the $23 million investment this new government made in the GO transit system in my community on December 20 of last year. This work includes a new and additional third track and the widening and extending of the platforms at all three of our Burlington GO train stations.

We are investing in environmentally sound transportation such as commuter rail. This will help ease traffic congestion, combat smog and reduce greenhouse gases.

In my community, our new government has done more for transit and the fight against GHGs in one year than the Liberals did in 10 years. We set priorities and we get things done. Canadians cannot afford to go back.

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