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New liblogs code update

New liblogs code went up last night, and if you're wondering what's changed, here goes...

For one, the whole site hasn't got a shred of its original code. It behaves and works completely differently. I broke the javascript syndication list last night, but it should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

Among the features:

If you have questions, comments, bug reports, or any other feedback, feel free to email me or post a comment.

Posted at 06:44 on November 17, 2006

This entry has been archived. Comments can no longer be posted.

Public transit dominates municipal election debates | internet | If Quebec is a nation, so am I

Jason Cherniak writes at Fri Nov 17 09:17:11 2006...

Great work!

Matt Campbell writes at Fri Nov 17 09:56:20 2006...

Much needed improvements. Terrific.

Rob Edger writes at Fri Nov 17 09:56:28 2006...

I've switched to beta. Will my site automatically work, or do I have to send my rss feed to someone?

Great work by the way!

cdlu writes at Fri Nov 17 10:29:00 2006...

Thanks guys!

Rob, anyone who has switched to beta should work automatically.

I wasn't aware of the beta bloggers problem when I wrote it... it just happened to work. :)

Saskboy writes at Fri Nov 17 14:45:08 2006...

Sounds good.

Does the auto-removal of blogs take into account short system instabilities, such as Blogger or a server going down for an hour? Being removed from the blogroll display during that time would seem extreme, if that's what's happening.

cdlu writes at Fri Nov 17 16:42:56 2006...


Well, it's not so much that it is an extreme measure as it is an unintended feature.

The blogroll is regenerated dynamically with the names of the blogs extracted from the RSS feeds rather than from a fixed database. After each complete run of blogs, it takes the list of names and dumps them into the blogroll. If your blog fails to load, then it won't make that round, and it will not be listed until the next run one to two hours later.

This also means that someone who is looking at the blogroll has a very small chance of clicking on a blog that doesn't work, which is something I've always found frustrating.

Next Face writes at Sun Nov 19 23:39:50 2006...

We noticed our posts are no longer making it on to Liblogs. Was it something we said?

Your help would be appreciated.

cdlu writes at Mon Nov 20 09:59:41 2006...

Next Face

Your most recent blog entry, "Trudeau and Ignatieff." was posted on Liblogs shortly after your comment last night, and has since scrolled off.

Vince Riccio writes at Thu Dec 7 13:23:29 2006...

When will the list be updated?

Kyle Olsen writes at Thu Dec 14 22:43:27 2006...

Any way you could change it so only one post per blog shows on the list at the same time? It seems some people do 3 or 4 posts in just a couple of minutes.

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