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Harper demands equal treatment for Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants the US to remember Canada when it builds its 1,100 km fence along the Mexican border. Calling for a "Peace Wall", Harper believes it is only fair for both borders to be properly defended.

"The United States' security is at risk from Canada, too," Harper said at a press conference today, "and we believe a defensive fence should be built along our border by the United States."

The US' northern fence, Harper says, should go along the Canadian border everywhere except Alberta, where the fence should swing north on either side of the province, linking up along the 60th parallel.

The Whitehouse did not immediately return requests for comment, but an official said on condition of anonymity that, "We support Prime Minister Harper's idea for a fence along our northern border. When Canada gets electricity and running water, we can review it."

Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Ignatieff also supports the plan, suggesting that Canada is a known source of criminals entering the United States. "The American constitution should be reopened to block Canadians without PhDs from entering," he said in a statement.

Posted at 17:04 on October 27, 2006

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Charlie Barnard writes at Fri Oct 27 19:49:10 2006...

"The American constitution should be reopened to block Canadians without PhDs from entering."

Wow what a load of shit. Mr high and mighty from Harvard thinks that a PhD somehow makes you better than everyone else?

Eugene Parks writes at Fri Oct 27 19:50:02 2006...

cheap... funny... but cheap fun... lol

JessO writes at Thu Nov 2 13:33:37 2006...

WOW! like there aren't a lot of criminals in the U.S.? Just because you don't have PhD doesn't mean you are a criminal. and Canadians believe in second chances because we pardon our people who have learned from their punishment to become better persons.

Crazy old J. Baird writes at Sat Dec 9 19:24:04 2006...

Well, one thing a PhD is good for, is allowing you to tell farce from reality.

I wouldn't be surprised if that really was Mr. Harper's opinion, tho.

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